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Furnished vs. Unfurnished Condos: Which is the Better Choice?

With its continuously rising real estate industry, Cebu City has a slew of options to offer for people who are in search of a place they can call their own. But when it comes to condominiums or apartments, there are certain considerations you need to make in order to select the best option. One of these considerations is whether to go for a furnished or an unfurnished unit.

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6 Biggest Misconceptions about Condominiums

Condominiums have become a popular choice in the housing market as various locations have openly embraced urbanization. Cebu City, for example, is one place where numerous condominium projects are rising at present.

Indeed, Cebu condominiums make a great option for individuals desiring a home in the metro. However, there are a number of misconceptions about condo living that make people skeptical about buying a unit.

In this post, we share and dispel some of the biggest misconceptions about condominiums.

#1. Owning a condo is just like owning a house.

While you are technically the owner of your condo unit, it’s not exactly the same as owning a house. Condominiums involve shared ownership. You’ll be living in a community with other unit owners so rules have to be followed. As an owner, you have all the right to do anything with your unit. However, there may be some restrictions when it comes to shared or common areas like balconies, hallways, and windows –making changes to electrical wiring or plumbing may not be allowed.

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