Cebu Condominiums: What Every Retiree Should Consider

Cebu Condominiums What Every Retiree Should ConsiderThe real estate industry is rapidly expanding in Cebu what with the plenty of Cebu condominiums popping up in the city. With a strong economy and an army of investors, more Cebu condos for sale are expected to hit the metropolis.

Now if you are planning to retire and are interested in Cebu city condominiums for sale, here are a few things to take into consideration:

Cebu condominiums: 3 Things Every Retiree Should Consider


• Lifestyle and financial capacity. Know what kind of lifestyle you have once you move into your condo as this can definitely affect your cost of living. Also, think of other factors: taxes, employment, access to medical institutions, and support group.

• Live in your desired location for a period of time. Do your research, ask friends, find referrals, or better yet, visit your desired place before getting a unit. In order to get a feel of the environment, try living in that location for a week or two. Remember that you’ll be retiring in your condo and enjoying your golden years so you have to know if you are comfortable with your desired location.

• Your overall health and well-being. Aside from recreational areas, it is essential that you consider the proximity of modern medical facilities especially in case of emergency. Access to the nearest hospital or clinic should remain at the top of your list because you never know when you’ll be needing medical assistance.

Why Cebu?

Cebu is growing fast with plenty of offices, cafes and local bars nestled in every corner. Aside from the city’s development, Cebu provides a relaxed lifestyle with a tropical paradise setting.

Now here are the many reasons why you should retire in Cebu.

• Affordability. Cebu prides itself with low cost of living – extremely low that your dollar goes four times as far. Hence, you need not worry about food and other expenses especially if you are practical with your budget.

• Accessibility. Cebu condominiums are situated just about everywhere. They are easily accessible to public and private transportation and are located near schools, shopping centers, hospitals, and supermarkets. Within minutes, you can enjoy pristine white beaches or go diving and fish feeding. You can also walk to the nearest shopping mall or drive to nearby hills to enjoy a nighttime view of the city.

• Natural Spots. While the bustling city is for the youngsters, retirees prefer a quiet and peaceful place to unwind. Cebu offers a lot of interesting spots for retirees to decompress and recharge – from the beaches and waterfalls to cold and hot springs. The city also has a lot of greenery where you can go for a picnic and delight in the breathtaking view.

• Rich Culture. Take a trip back to memory lane and explore Cebu’s rich culture. From old museums to well-preserved churches, learn more about the culture and history of Cebu and how the city grew into a bustling metropolis. You can even talk and interact with the locals to know firsthand on the many interesting things Cebu has to offer.

• Local entertainment. Want to enjoy live music and dance the night away? Cebu is home to some of the most amazing local talents. As the weekend draws to a close, you can go to lounge bars and pubs to have fun and see live bands. And if you are lucky, you might a get a free ice cold beer – a wonderful treat to end the week!

• Glorious Food. With plenty of international chefs already dominating the local food scene, expect lots of glorious food at a very affordable cost. From Asian to European cuisine, gastronomic experience is definitely an adventure as you can hop from one restaurant to another to satisfy your discriminating taste buds.

Enjoying a convenient and affordable lifestyle is what everyone dreams of upon retirement. Here’s hoping the above tips will help you find a Cebu condominium for rent that would fit your needs and budget.

Now if you are ready to buy your very first Cebu condominium, Kiener Hills is the name to call. We have served clients for years and have helped them choose the right condo unit. Drop us a line and let us help you find the best Cebu condominiums to make your retirement a convenient one.

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