Condominiums in Mactan Mean “Hello, Resort Living!”

City dwellers can now celebrate as the comforts of modern life have been merged into nature with condominiums in Mactan. Lapulapu City, where Mactan is located, may have grown into a bustling urban area, but it has retained its laidback island-feel. It’s a dream come true to people usually surrounded by glass and cement, thirsting for ocean waves.

Residing on this island city has several note-worthy advantages you can’t easily find in other parts of the country and you can find several of them below:


Look Forward to Everyday Life with Condominiums in Mactan

1.) Beaches

It’s the number one must-have to resort living. Mactan is famed for five-star resorts dotting its shoreline. Several of these resorts offer day use of their amenities. Owners of condominiums in Mactan can easily organize a Saturday afternoon at one of these world-class resorts that are just a stone throw away. There are also public beaches in Mactan that costs less, where you’re free to grill your own food.

2.) Water Sports

Do you love snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, and other exciting activities done in the open sea? Then, amazing weekends are up ahead for you and your friends living in condominiums in Mactan, which offer easy access to all these and more as one of their perks.

Plan ahead or go diving on a whim. Parasailing is a popular sport to enjoy both sky and sea, the vast blue from above and below. Even if you’re not already active in these sports, coaches are available if you want to start these interesting hobbies. Ever thought of enrolling yourself in regular wakeboarding lessons?

3.) Island Hopping

See the beauty of the Philippine islands or at least a few of them. Spend a day cruising on the high seas and going from one island to another. Explore the dense island forest and lagoon of Caohagan Island. Take the kids fish feeding at Nalusuan Island after a family picnic on its coast. Take in the entrancing semi-abandoned effect Pandanon Island because of the unfinished construction there. With its sandbar, this isle has a haunting kind of beauty.

4.) Marine and Bird Sanctuaries

“Experience is the best teacher,” goes the old adage, so why settle for books and documentaries? Mactan lets you witness nature at its best. Olango Island has long served as a home to migrating birds escaping the winter frost.

You can also go snorkeling and swimming with the fishes at the Nalusuan Island marine sanctuary. See tropical fish up close and personal like the razorfish and triggerfish. Dive to the shipwreck at the Talima Marine Sanctuary. Visibility can range from twenty metres to forty metres, depending on the weather.

5.) Sutukil

After a day out in the water or tanning on white sand, spoil yourself with the freshest seafood the local way. Sutukil (STK) stands for “sugba,” “tuwa,” and “kilaw,” three different popular ways of preparing seafood. To “sugba” is to barbecue, “tuwa” means “stew” while “kilaw” is serving food raw with a sauce of vinegar, kumquat and spices. STK restaurants are found around the island, but the most popular ones are found right next to the Lapu-lapu Shrine.

6.) Rich History

With its mellow vibes, it’s easy to forget that the beaches of this island were the setting for one of the country’s most historic battles. Residents of condominiums in Mactan have the privilege of being located in world-renowned shores.

This small isle marked the pages of history books hundreds of years ago. The Philippines’ spot in world history began with the battle of Mactan, the clash between natives and the Spanish colonizers. The tribe’s leader, Lapulapu, remains infamous for having killed Magellan, the brains behind the expedition. It was the first resistance of a centuries-long struggle for freedom against foreign invaders and the locals came out victorious. A shrine was built on the island to commemorate his triumph.

7.) Shopping and Dining

Mactan may not have very big malls, but if you’re living on this resort city, who wants to stay indoors for long? Marina Mall has an open design that befits life on the island, but still boasts of well-known names in dining. Choices range from large fast food chains to fancy restaurants. Mactan Newtown is the latest urban development that offers culinary options for those with more discriminating tastes. Outlets is a popular strip mall on the other end of the island that sells surplus goods of big brands. It’s a recommended place to get affordable good quality finds.

8.) Mactan-Cebu International Airport

Bragging rights await Cebu inhabitants as the Mactan-Cebu International Airport aims to become the world’s first airport resort. This does not only mean additional amenities, but a complete renovation of the airport. From new lights, flooring, and self-check-in kiosks, airport management has also added international airlines and flights. Jet-setting unit owners of condominiums in Mactan will love having the airport nearby. Say goodbye to worries of missing flights!

The quiet island has a lot to boast about and life here is indeed a treasure. Mactan offers that unique blend of easy-going beach vibes and an exciting to-do and to-see list. You can be sure that boredom will never knock on the doors of condominiums in Mactan.

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