Why Buy a Condo?

Interested in buying your own home and explore different options?

A condominium could be the right option for you.

With its rising real estate industry nowadays, it’s not that hard to find your choice of condominium in Cebu, Philippines. At Kiener Hills, we have unfurnished and fully furnished condos located in Mactan.

Before you make that buying decision, allow us to share a number of good reasons why you should buy a condo.

An Affordable Choice

Condominiums cost less in comparison to family homes. You still get to enjoy the same convenience as a typical home without having to shell out a hefty sum of money. With the market’s rising prices today, it would be practical to look into more affordable options. Additionally, buying a condo unit is one option you can consider if you’re unable to afford a house as of the moment.

It’s all yours

Unlike an apartment, you get to OWN a condominium.  So if you’re aiming for the long-term, a condo is a better choice than an apartment. Since you own the unit, you have more freedom to live the kind of lifestyle you want.

Convenient location

Condos are often located in progressing areas. Living in a condo will give you the luxury of being near various business establishments, entertainment hubs, and even employment opportunities. Being in close proximity to such establishments will make your daily life more convenient.

Staying true to this notion, Kiener Hills condos are located only a stone’s throw away from malls, restaurants, the Cebu Yacht Club, and the Mactan Cebu International Airport.

Financially advantageous

Financially speaking, buying a condo is more advantageous than simply renting an apartment. Renting isn’t a smart option if you want to stay in a place for good. It’s pointless to pay for something you won’t be able to own. Moreover, owning a condo offers tax advantages.

A great vacation home

A condo makes a wonderful vacation home. If you’ve always wanted to live near the beach but not really looking forward to buying an expensive beachfront home, then a condo unit makes a less expensive alternative. Kiener Hills condominiums are located just minutes away from the finest beaches and resorts in Mactan, making them an excellent option for you.

It’s an investment

If you plan to invest in something, a condo would be a great option. Some buyers purchase condominiums for this reason. Condos are a good source of income. There will always be people who will need a place to stay. When you want to buy another home, you can rent out your condo unit. Granting you have a reliable tenant, you can be assured of a steady cash flow.

One thing you have to remember is that getting a condo of your own is a huge decision. Give yourself enough time to get as much information as you need and reconsider the options.

If you still prefer to rent, Kiener Hills also offers premium condo for rent in Mactan, Cebu. To learn more about our condo units or how you can make them an income source, feel free to browse our page or contact us. We will be glad to address any of your concerns.

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